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aiLegal Law Partners with New York University to Encourage Talented Law School Graduates into Immigration Law Practice

New York, NY – aiLegal Law, a tech-enabled law firm that serves the immigrant community, has announced its partnership with the NYU Immigration Law Competition. The annual competition focuses on cutting-edge issues in the field of immigration law and is judged by distinguished NYU alumni and legal practitioners from throughout New York. The final round is judged by federal appellate and district court judges.

aiLegal Law's sponsorship of NYU's Annual Immigration Law Competition is aimed at encouraging more talented law school graduates to pursue a career in the field of immigration law. With the current challenges faced by immigrants, aiLegal Law believes that it is important to support the development of the next generation of legal professionals who are passionate about advocating for the rights of immigrants.

"We are excited to collaborate with NYU Immigration Law Competition to support the growth of the immigration law practice," said Lucy Lu, aiLegal Law Founder and Managing Partner. "Our firm's mission is to provide affordable, high-quality legal services to the immigrant community. By partnering with this prestigious competition, we hope to encourage more talented law school graduates to get involved in the field of immigration law and help address the pressing issues faced by immigrants today."

The NYU Immigration Law Competition is open to law students from across the United States, with the final round of the competition being judged by federal appellate and district court judges. The competition provides law students with a unique opportunity to showcase their legal skills and knowledge in the area of immigration law, and to network with legal practitioners and judges.

"We thank you aiLegal Law's sponsorship to support NYU Moot Court Board's Immigration Law Competition at New York University's School of Law. The gift enables our talented and ambitious students to examine all aspects of the landscape of immigration law, empowering them to create more equitable solutions to the most pressing problems that affect our community and beyond. With your school, our aspiring lawyers can continue tackling the complexities of key issues for the betterment of society." said Andrew Hamilton, the President of New York University, in a letter to aiLegal Law. 

The partnership between aiLegal Law and the NYU Immigration Law Competition is expected to generate greater interest in the immigration law practice and to provide opportunities for law students to gain valuable experience and exposure to the legal profession.

For more information about NYU Immigration Law Competition, please visit: 

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