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aiLegal Law's is the 1st ever tech-enabled full-service law practice serving immigrant community.  We serve immigrants or families of immigrants for immigration matters, U.S. employers for employment and immigration compliances, and immigrant entrepreneurs or immigrant businessmen/businesswomen in corporate + startup, transaction, litigation, franchise, and intellectual property. Our practice is immigrant community centered. We have a niche to think from the prospective of immigrant community and apply the prospective in all areas of our practices, including immigration, corporate + startup, transaction, federal investigation, litigation, franchise, and intellectual property. 


We aim to deliver better, faster and affordable legal service to the immigrant community. 

How we do it? 

aiLegal Law invests heavily in technology and process to drive internal efficiency, pare down cost, and enable our legal professionals and clients to collaborate seamlessly anytime, anywhere. We award our legal professionals based on their expertise, efficiency, results, and client evaluation. Therefore, we align our clients' best interest with the firm's interest. 

As an aiLegal Law's customer, this is what you'll experience: 

  • If you are a new client, you are able to schedule a 30-minute free initial consultation with our lawyers to discuss your case. If you are an existing client with a new complex issue, we also suggest you booking a 30-minute free consultation with our lawyers to discuss your case.  You may book a consultation with our lawyers online here. You may also call our office 24X7 at +1.404.343.7166 Ext. 0 to schedule a consultation with our lawyers. 

  • You are also able to reach our office by phone +1.404.343.7166 (M-F, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM), by email, or online chat here. You may also reach your responsible lawyers, responsible case managers, or our managing partner, Lucy Lu directly. The mobile numbers of all responsible lawyers/case managers and our managing partner are listed here.  We love to hear from you!

  • Upon consultations or meetings with our lawyers, our lawyers will provide you solutions, along with checklists and legal service agreements on the same day. You shall have everything you need to initiate the legal matters. Any further questions, please contact us. ​

  • Upon you returning the signed legal service agreement and retainer fee payment through aiLegal, our contract automation and management software platform, you'll be assigned a case manager in a business day who will be dedicated to your daily communication. 

  • We use the best technologies, such as aiLegal, Jira, Case Management System, Slack, and etc. to work and track your case proactively, and think ahead for you. 

  • We keep you files organized and secured. We make sure that you have our final work products for your records each time. We notify you any official notices, such as USCIS notices, USPTO notices, IRS notices, DOL notices, or Court notices, in no more than 2 business days upon receipts by our firm. You never need to worry about missing anything.  

  • We promise to treat you with our professionalism and compassion. We are willing to go extra miles to work for your best interest. It is our passion to solve your problems and make our clients satisfied.  

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