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November 24, 2022

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a while since we share our office and news updates with you!  First of all, we've continued gaining successes in the past month. See how we fought to get our clients' cases approved in the success stories below, and learn about our efforts in getting our clients their work permits in long-delayed I-485 and I-765 U Visa Bona Fide EAD cases.

Moreover, our legal team is expanding to get more resources and be faster to process your cases. As you may have already noticed, two talents have joined our practice as law clerks. Learn more about Liam and Jackie, who are thriving with great performance.

Last but not least, we've been sharing daily updates of legal news, office activities, customer service and more on social media, follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitterTikTok. Check out our hilarious posts on Inara's engagement partyoffice Halloween runway, and our annual potluck!

As part of aiLegal Law Community, please feel free to email us at to share news with us. Enjoy your holidays!

The aiLegal Law team

Law Firm Updates

New team members

As you may have noticed, two young professionals joined aiLegal & Law team three weeks ago as law clerks. Ms. Jackie Lun graduated from New York University School of Law with an LL.M. degree and passed the New York State Bar two months ago. While Mr. Liam Liu Graduated from University of Connecticut School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree, who also passed the New York State Bar recently. They will be assisting supervising attorneys for case filing.  Welcome to the team Jackie and Liam!


Improvement on Case Manager Call Back

To secure case filing efficiency, your case managers might not be available for calls all day to be distracted from legal writing. However, we do understand your intention to reach them about your cases. Instead of calling them directly, you can reach out to our experienced customer service team, who will assist you in case status inquiry, document submission and more. If you do have legal questions or information updates, our customer team will most likely help you book a call back session around 5PM to 6PM if your case manager doesn't have conflicting schedules so that you will speak to them before the day ends!

Reach out to our customer service team at +1.404.343.7166

Legal News

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Recently, we noticed that a bill has passed to centralize the process of applying for and renewing Retail Alcohol licenses, which will most likely facilitate the whole business registration for retailers. Book a consultation with us to learn more how this can help your business.

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ACICS loss of recognition as an accrediting agency has strongly impacted F-1, H-1B, and STEM OPT of alien students. Book a consultation with us to see your status can be maintained and secured.


According to the National Visa Center, pending immigration visa cases have seen a small decrease. While hoping the situation can get even better, we shortened wait time by filing group litigations for long-delayed I-485 and I-765 U Visa Bona Fide EAD cases.

Success Stories

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A 16-year journey to green card

Mr. Panjwani has been a client of aiLegal Law for over a decade. We're there with him through every stage of not only the immigration process, but also of his life and career. Now, after 16 years in the U.S., he and his wife both received their green cards! 

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Actualize the American dream

Our client, Sajid, became a U.S. citizen last week, and he shared that moment of treasure to Ms. Lucy, our Managing Partner, right after his Naturalization Oath Ceremony. As a successful business owner of beauty salon, restaurant, and more, he is living his American Dream.

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Inara's Engagement Party

Recently, our client success specialist Inara was engaged. The happy girl invited her work family to this amazing engagement party where everyone felt love. Congrats, Inara!

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Halloween Costume Contest

This year's Halloween costume contest was a bless. Every team member brought their A game. Shiv, John, and Tai won the first three places. Check out our hilarious runway show on Insta! 

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