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October 25, 2022

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Happy Diwali!

We can't wait to update you with some insightful news again!  First of all, we've harvested significant successes in the past few months. See how we fought to get our clients' cases approved in the success stories below, and our continual triumphs in suing the U.S. Governments for long-delayed I-485 and I-765 U Visa Bona Fide EAD cases.

Moreover, we're glad to see our team spring up. While we have overdue introductions to Alex and Eva, who joined us respectively as Technology Adviser and Digital Marketing Specialist/Executive Assistant, Kajal, previously our Admin Assistant, rejoined the team as HR Specialist. Shiv, our beloved Sr. Admin Assistant from Atlanta office has relocated. But don't miss him too much, he's still working with us remotely!

Last but not least, our multi-channel social media presence is in the cooking, follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitterTikTok for daily updates of legal news, office activities, customer service and more!

As part of aiLegal Law Community, please feel free to email us at to share news with us. Stay safe and healthy!

The aiLegal Law team

Law Firm Updates

New team members

It's an overdue introduction to Alex and Eva. Mr. Alex Zhang serves as the Technology Advisor to the firm's executive team. He is the co-founder of aiLegal, a document automation software company with our Managing Partner Lucy, which greatly facilitated our practice. While graduated from SCAD, Ms. Eva Li takes the role of Digital Marketing Specialist & Executive Assistant. She will manage the firm's online presence and tackle a part of daily operation tasks. Meanwhile, Ms. Kajal Patel returns to our team as a HR Specialist after pursing her Master degree in Emory. 

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New features

We developed a series of new functions through our case processing platform aiLegal. Now when you review the filing copy your case manager send via email, you could comment on any concerning part with words, recordings, and even attachments. In this way, the case manager can make adjustments as efficient as possible so that your case progresses faster! See the clip below for how it works.

Legal News


DHS has issued a DACA final rule for certain eligible noncitizens who arrived in the U.S. as children, deferring their removal and allowing them an opportunity to access a renewable, two-year work permit. Book a consultation with us to learn more how this can help you.


The U.S. Department of State is accepting applications for the 2024 Diversity Visa lottery from Oct. 5  to Nov. 8. Book a consultation with us to see whether you're qualified for the program and what other options for you to get a U.S. green card.


A lot of our clients have experienced delays. While hoping the situation can be relieved, we do have successfully shortened wait time by filing group litigations for long-delayed I-485 and I-765 U Visa Bona Fide EAD cases. Check out our success stories.

Success Stories


"I want to die as a US Citizen"

Mrs. Kaur is a 84 years old lady, who has lived as a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. for over 18 years. She lost her hearing completely, as well as her learning skills. While USCIS kept finding faults despise of her extreme situations, we successfully fulfilled her wish, to be a U.S. citizen, through a consistent effort.

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Say no to deportation

After diligent and sleepless preparation for the master hearings, Attorney Lucy and John fought for Ms. Prajapati and her daughter in the ICE court to remove them from the deportation process and resume their right for the application of asylum. We hope this beautiful immigrant family will stick together happily in the U.S.

Learn more



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Tai's Magazine Presence

aiLegal law's law clerk, our beautiful and intelligent Tai Barksdale had an interview with CanvasRebel Magazine to share her insights on success, career, and social media. We're proud of you Tai!

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aiLegal Law is hiring multiple full-time Client Success Specialists in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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