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Shiv Patel

Customer Service Manager


Shiv Patel

Mr. Shiv Patel serves as aiLegal Law's Customer Service Manager. 


Shiv joined aiLegal Law as an administrative assistant in July 2021. In this position, Shiv was responsible for providing customer service, scheduling appointments, and processing the firm's documents. in 2023, Shiv was promoted to aiLegal Law's Customer Service Manager. In this new role, Shiv is responsible for managing the customer service team, following up with customers for the law firm's service, and collecting and analyzing data to generate analysis reports. 

Shiv immigrated to the United States when he was only 9 years old. He and his family were clients of aiLegal Law. As an immigrant himself, Shiv has a compassion towards the immigrant community. Shiv brought his many years of customer service experience in hospitality industry to aiLegal Law. 


Mobile: +1.404.480.3989


Fax: +1.404.920.8598



  • Atlanta


  • Hindi

  • Gujarati

  • English

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