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Hi, greetings to our dear clients! Providing a better service is always at the core of aiLegal & Law. Thus, we proudly announce the launch of our weekly newsletter, which will not only share the latest immigration news and valuable resources, but also serve as a functional point of contact to address solutions for your issues and concerns. Please stay tuned and feel free to reach us with your feedback!

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Law Firm Updates

We are glad to welcome two new members who joined aiLegal & Law this week. Ms. Isabella Li is now our senior attorney. She will work at the New York office, providing legal services. Meanwhile, she will start taking consultations alongside Attorney Lucy. While Mr. Scott Krieg now takes over consultation check-ins and coordination, as well as daily incoming and outgoing mails serving as our administrative assistant. If you drop by the Atlanta office, he’ll welcome you behind the front desk.


Legal News

Working Together

USCIS Increase Automatic Extension Period of Work Authorizations for Certain Applicants

To alleviate mounting demands on case processing, USCIS launched a Temporary Final Rule to increase the automatic extension period for employment authorization to up to 540 days, which will be an opportunity to maintain your employment.

Learn more about the TFR >>


USCIS in A Move to Increase Efficiency in Communicating Case Processing Data

To alleviate such issues, USCIS announced changes to strengthen their commitment on improving transparency, efficiency, and customer service on May 5, 2022. The goal is simple – to facilitate case inquiries with the presentation of an immediate and clear answer right on the Internet.

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Results Released, Check If You Won the Visa Lottery

According to the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, foreign entrants around the globe in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program can now check out whether they were selected for a visa lottery.

Learn more about the case inquiry update >>

How and Why


Why we put the virtual receptionist off the first position in our call queue

Effective on May 9, 2022, we put the virtual receptionist off the first position in our call queue, instead our internal customer service team will answer your inquiries directly. See why we made the change and how it can facilitate your needs in our blog!

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How to check your case status more efficiently with us

Have you encountered any difficulty or bottleneck on checking your case status? We prepared solutions for how to send an inquiry to the firm and to be answered within a short time. Check out our article about efficient case inquiry on our website now!

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As you may notice, our efficiency comes from our long-lasting effort into technology. Learn more about how our document automation tool aiLegal assists you beyond your legal needs.

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