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Laptop and Stationery


aiLegal Law offers you the standard "Flat Fee" product if there are no complex issues or large financial responsibility raised in your case. Please note that we charge 6% admin fee of the underlying attorney fee to cover all administrative cost from postage, copy, phone, and etc. 

Corporate + Startup

Incorporation in a U.S. State along with incorporation documents: $1, 000

Operating agreement or bylaws: $750

Technology transfer agreement: $750

Independent contractor agreement: $750

Employment agreement: $750

Service agreement: $750


Stock purchasing agreement: $1, 000

Membership purchasing agreement: $1, 000

Assets purchasing agreement: $1, 000


Employee handbook: $1, 500

Demand letter: $1,000


Green card based on family sponsorship: I-130 + I-485 (including one work permit and one travel document applications) $3, 500

PERM: $4, 000

I-129 H-1B: $1,500

I-129 O-1: $5,000

I-129 TN: $1,500

I-129 E-1: $5,000

I-129 E-2: $5,000

I-129 E-3: $1,500
I-140 based on EB-1A: $6,000

I-140 based on EB-1B: $6,000

I-140 based on EB-1C: $6,000

I-140 based on approved PERM: $1,500

I-140 based on NIW: $6,000

I-360 based on Religion: $4, 000

I-360 based on Abused Spouse: $4,000

I-526: $10, 000

I-485: $2, 000 per person 

I-539 Change of Status or Extension of Status: $750 per petition ($250 for all dependents in a petition)

I-765 EAD: $500

I-601 Waiver: $6,000

I-131 Travel Document: $500

N-400 Citizenship: $1,000

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